Answers Electrical Contracting, LLC.
Licensed and Insured                                ER13014866
When you have electrical problems and you need solutions, you need Answers.

     At Answers Electrical Contracting LLC, we are dedicated to becoming a household name. 
     My name is Jason Plank. I have been in the electrical business for nearly 20 years. From both a residential and commercial stand point, I have built and serviced homes and businesses all over South Florida.

     From power utility restoration, construction, distribution and management, I have built and serviced power utilities across the country.

     I have been a part of building, maintaining and replacing components from the everyday light switch to the 250,000 volt transformer powering the utility substation,.

     Let us put that experience to work on your next project. From energy saving solutions to budget engineering, let us save you dollars where it counts.

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